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4.5″ Octopus Skirts

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“Eat Me Lures” Squid Skirts, featuring the 4.5″ Octopus Skirt, showcase a natural soft body with big eyes and a skirt that looks deadly under the waves. Whether you’re fishing for Salmon in the Pacific Northwest or trolling for Tuna and Marlin off the Baja coast, the Octopus baits continue to prove their deadly effectiveness. The lifelike design, combined with the enticing movement of the skirt, makes these baits a must-have for anglers seeking success in a range of environments. Upgrade your fishing arsenal with the versatile and lethal 4.5″ Octopus Skirt from “Eat Me Lures.”


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Octopus Skirts - Colors

Blue / Marlin (4 Per Bag), Flying Fish (4 Per Bag), Green / Black Stripes (4 Per Bag), Green / Orange (4 Per Bag), Mexican Flag (4 Per Bag), Pearl White (4 Per Bag), Pink / Clear (4 Per Bag), Pink / Yellow (4 Per Bag), Pink / White (4 Per Bag), Purple (4 Per Bag), Purple / Black (4 Per Bag)