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037-ABE48-DFE0-4-CEF-BBDC-BC5897551525SWIMBAITOur swimbaits, and other plastic lures are designed to bridge the gap between artificial and live bait, giving you a better option when fishing offshore, inshore or lake fishing. What makes our lures produce?

1- We infuse super powerful garlic oil with amino acids & bait stimulants that trigger an impulse in the fish brain to feed. By infusing the garlic into plastic it will NEVER wash off and last the lifetime of the lure. There is not a fish that swims that will not key in on garlic.

2- Using the finest quality plastic available to create a bait that not only gets bit, but will hold up to multiple strikes.

3- UV (ultraviolet) treatment! Research that has been done on UV Light shows that a predatory fish will be attracted to UV lures. Our popular paddle tail design contributes to a superior swimming action and vibration that will pull fish in from a long distance. “EAT ME” lures have produced numerous tournament wins and a top choice in the East & West coast fishing scene all the way down to Mexico and South American waters. These incredibly effective swimbaits are irresistible to predatory game fish, and when used correctly a top-secret weapon for Halibut, Redfish, Bass, (Ocean & Lake) Snook, Tuna, Dorado, even Marlin.\
**And more solidifying their position as a premium plastic lure in the market. For more info about how UV & scent help click here**