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The Eat Me line-up of fishing lures is manufactured with pride right here in the United States.

Eat Me Lures has been in business since 1991. Over the years, we’ve developed over 150 lure heads for many different outfitters all throughout the world (Japan, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the United States). We are pleased to be offering you the very best of the “Eat Me Lure” arsenal that has been made.

The lures offered have singled themselves out by having a proven track record of success, such as catching the largest Marlin in Baja for the last 5 years running with at least four that we know of being weighed in at a 1,000 pounds or more!

We are offering a unique opportunity for angler’s in that your able to customize your lure selection by adding your name, the name of your boat, special message, pictures, business card, etc.

Our only wish if for you to enjoy the sport of blue water fishing. We offer this selection of “Eat Me Lures” with great confidence that you will have successful days on the water. Our goal is to catch fish and not the angler! Thank you for looking us up and remember to catch and release as often as you can, preserve our great sport for generations to come!

We have lures for a wide variety of saltwater fish, including Marlin, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, and many more!