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Green Pearl

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Green top with green & black flake, white pearl body with silver flake. This natural-looking bait is an excellent choice for trolling, surf, lake, or bottom fishing. Plus, UV treated and garlic scent injected.


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Our swimbaits are designed to bridge the gap between artificial and live bait, giving you a better option while fishing offshore, inshore, or lakes. All of our swimbaits are hand poured or hand injected in the USA using the finest quality plastic available to create a bait that not only gets bit but will hold up to multiple fish strikes when the bite is on. Our popular paddle tail design gives one of the best swimming actions along with a vibration that will pull fish in from a long distance. “EAT ME” swimbaits have produced numerous tournament wins and are a top choice in the Pacific and East coast fishing scene, all the way down to Mexican waters. These incredibly effective swimbaits are irresistible to predatory game fish and when used correctly, a top-secret weapon for tunadoradobasshalibutredfishbottom fish, and more, that belongs in every angler’s tackle box. UV treated and infused with garlic scent for added attraction.

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3 Inch- 6 Per Pack ($4.86), 4 Inch- 4 Per Pack ($5.39), 5 Inch- 4 Per Pack ($6.26), 6 Inch- 2 Per Pack ($3.92)