Saltwater Survival Kit



⭐  purchasing twenty-eight swim baits and a premium Flambeau Tackle Box. Our custom plastic swim baits are designed to bridge the gap between artificial and live bait, giving you a better option when fishing offshore, inshore or lakes. We’re proud to say that all of  our swim baits are hand poured or hand injected in the USA using the finest quality plastic available to create a bait that holds up to multiple fish strikes. Eat Me Lure swim baits have produced numerous tournament wins and these incredibly effective swim baits are irresistible to predatory game fish and when used correctly a top-secret weapon for Tuna, Dorado, Bass, Lynn Cod, Halibut. Redfish, Pike, Rockfish and most saltwater and freshwater fish species that belong in every angler’s tacklebox.






             10 – 3” swim baits

               8 – 4” swim baits 

               6 – 5” swim baits

               4 – 6” swim baits

 1 – Premium Flambeau Tackle Box