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The 25C lure’s versatility and cupped head design make it effective in various conditions, ensuring a reliable performance for saltwater fishing. Rigging it with a 7/0 hook adds to its adaptability for different species and positions, making it suitable for any time and place on the water.

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Head Size: 1

Skirt Size: 1

Weight Size: 1

Trolling Speed: 5-7 Knots

Position: Long Corner, Long Rigger, Short Rigger (*All positions in choppy seas*)



Additional information

Skirt Color

Mexican Flag, Petero, Dorado, Mackeral, Bleeding Mackeral, Goat Fish, Silver Bullet, Flying Fish, Mean Joe Green, Bruiser, Guacamaya

Head Option

Foil, Abalone ($5.00)

Choose Rigging

NO RIGGING, SINGLE 7/0 HOOK RIG WITH 10' 100LB MONO ($11.99), SINGLE 7/0 HOOK RIG WITH 10' 200LB MONO ($11.99)